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“Ana's an exceptional songwriter, listen to the lyrics...the folk Nina Simone!” — Lucinda Williams

“Ana Egge stole the show...” — Chart Magazine

“New York's Ana Egge stole the show, and perhaps the entire festival. Egge throws back a shot of tequila with the same effortlessness she delivers her stunning melodies with her breathy, sultry voice and towering stage presence.” — Shannon Webb-Campbell, Chart Magazine

“Ana Egge's songs are low and lonesome, big square-state noir ballads which she plays on a guitar she built with her own two hands and sings like she's telling us her deepest, darkest secrets.” — Steve Earle

“...we stumbled on the sublime art of Ana Egge. Egge is a damn good guitar player, with strong and forceful chops, balanced by an ethereal voice...” — David Inman, American Songwriter

“Ana has the rare gift of being so eloquent and simple that she takes your breath away. I just love her.” — Shawn Colvin

“Last night at the Cactus Cafe, Ana Egge held court in fine style.... the performance showed just how far Egge has come from the seemingly innocent folk ingenue of 12 years ago to a world class risk taker whose sounds rival Ron Sexsmith or Beth Orton.” — Jim Caliguiri, Austin Chronicle

“Ana has one of the prettiest voices I've ever heard and her songs are beautiful and refreshingly original.” — Ron Sexsmith

“Egge has made a name for herself as a Gillian Welch figure with a rocker attitude...” — Cameron Matthews, Spinner

“Egge's talent is well-honed and resplendent.” — J Felton, Record Dept

Saskatchewan-born, Brooklyn-based folk troubadour Ana Egge isn't your run-of-the-mill alternative-country singer. Using unique production and rock-based chord progressions, Egge has made a name for herself as a Gillian Welch figure with a rocker attitude, which once prompted Lucinda Williams to call her "the Nina Simone of folk."

"Her upcoming 12-song record Bad Blood, produced by 'Treme' star and country badass Steve Earle, gives new life to the folk genre, especially on the title track: Egge's soft-spoken lyrics float lucidly beneath a driving bass-heavy beat, tremolo guitars and spastic and distorted slide guitar". -Cameron Matthews, Spinner"

Bad Blood will be released August 23, 2011 via Ammal records. The 12-song set was produced by Steve Earle and recorded at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY. Bad Blood was mixed and mastered by Ray Kennedy (Earle and Kennedy's production partnership includes the Grammy winning Lucinda Williams album Car Wheels On A Gravel Road, the Ron Sexsmith favorite Blue Boy, and many more. Steve Earle stated, "Ana Egge's songs are low and lonesome, big square-stare noir ballads which she plays on a guitar she built with her own two hands and sings like she's telling us her deepest, darkest secrets."

In the midst of coping with family members suffering from mental illness, Ana Egge was compelled to write the songs featured on Bad Blood. She stated, "It can be difficult to explain the realities of mental illness to people who don't have any firsthand experience. Loving someone whose reality ebbs and flows drastically from your own, you're constantly trying to imagine what they're thinking and feeling, but that's a crooked road. Sometimes there's no reason, there's no why." She continued, "Dealing with this can feel so isolating because no one wants to talk about it. These songs came out of the need to communicate. I drove it into my writing." On the title track Bad Blood, Ana approached mental illness as a character unraveling and wreaking havoc on the world with the lyric "Bad Blood runnin' wild in the west, bad blood runnin' away." She wrote the song Hole In Your Halo after visiting a family member in jail and seeing how destructive the disease is and how it can turn people against themselves. In Driving With No Hands, she tries to capture the potentially dangerous and erratic behavior that accompany the manic swings of the illness. Bad Blood conveys compassion and hope for redemption. With Earle's driving production and Egge's lilting melodies, the songs belie the dark undercurrent of the subject matter.

Ana Egge was born in Estevan, Saskatchewan and grew up in the town of Ambrose, North Dakota, population 50. At 12, the family relocated to Silver City, New Mexico, where her parents established a school by the name of Down To Earth. Her astrology teacher, Don Musser, was an accomplished luthier and the summer before she turned 17, Musser invited Ana to apprentice with the intention of helping her build her own guitar. She drove to his house once a week for seven months until the guitar was completed and it is the main guitar she continues to play today. After living in Austin, TX for five years in the 90s while working on her music, Ana returned to Silver City and began building her own house on her sister's land just outside of town. While she still maintains the home and visits often, she has called Brooklyn, NY her primary home since 2002.

Ana Egge has toured and shared the stage with Lucinda Williams, Ralph Stanley, John Prine, Ron Sexsmith, Shawn Colvin, Joan Armatrading, Iris Dement, Richard Thompson, George Jones, and many more.

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